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Truancy Intervention Program TIP

The Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) is a partnership between the Hendry County School Board, the Hendry County Sheriff's Office, the Hendry-Glades Mental Health Clinic, and the Hendry County District Court.

The primary goal of the Hendry County School Board is to reduce truancy and have students attend school on a consistent basis, which will aid in lowering juvenile crime.  TIP also utilizes a multi-disciplinary team of school and community personnel to develop new and innovative approaches to address and reduce excessive unexcused absences and tardies as an intervention strategy prior to referring students/parents for court involvement.  This team will provide support for students who have demonstrated chronic absenteeism enforcement of Florida's Compulsory Educational Laws.

For further information, please contact:

LaBelle area:  
Raymond Marroquin, Truant Officer
Clewiston area:
Patrick McElroy, Truant Officer