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Academics & Activities

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ELA/MATH Assessments, ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, SCIENCE AND CIVICS (EOC) End of Course Exams These tests are statewide assessments given to students in all Florida public schools. Please see Florida Department of Education site at for information pertaining to the testing requirements of Florida students.

Athletic Participation

Participation in school athletics is a privilege. Athletic eligibility is monitored through the office of the athletic director. All rules and regulations of the Florida High School Athletic Association ( apply to all LaBelle Middle School athletes. Athletes must also abide by the School District Student Code of Conduct and follow all school and team rules. Go to our website for our athletic information.

Clubs & Organizations

There are a number of after-school clubs and organizations that are available to LMS students. Students are welcome to join clubs and organizations that interest them. Students must arrange for transportation home from club meetings in advance. Club’s and organization’s offerings may vary throughout the year. Club offerings will be announced in August. Club meetings will be posted on the website and announced at school.

Dances/Social Functions

Dances/Social functions are held periodically at LaBelle Middle School. Students who meet requirements have earned the privilege of attending these functions. Our functions are privileges and the administration reserves the right to determine candidates for these activities. Students are NOT allowed to leave a dance/social function and re-enter that same event. LMS dance/social function criteria are:

  • No out of school suspension or ISS during the current marking period.
  • Meeting obligations for lost or damaged equipment, books, band instruments/music or other money owed to the school.
  • Attendance at school on the day of the dance or the day before if it is on a Saturday (this includes NO unexcused checking in late or checking out early).
  • School issued IDs are required for admittance and must be worn.
  • Dress code for dances is the same as the dress code for school unless otherwise stated.
  • School dances start at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm. Late arrivals and early departures are not allowed.
  • The principal or designee reserves the right to allow or deny student attendance at their sole discretion
Field Trips

It is the student’s responsibility to request from teachers all missed work. Students will be given one day for each day missed to complete all missed work. Field trips may be planned throughout the school year to enhance academic lessons and broaden students’ experiences. Participation in field trips is a privilege and not a guaranteed right. Students must meet established criteria in order to be eligible for field trips.

Grading Scale

Each teacher must use the grading scale mandated by the State of Florida as:


  • 90-100% A
  • 80-89% B
  • 70-79% C
  • 60-69% D
  • 0-59% F

Tests count as 30% and assignments count as 70% for each grading period. Students will take semester and final exams in every course. Final exams will be given through the last day of school

Homework/Make Up Work

Homework plays a significant and integral role in the learning process. “Homework” refers to those assign ents to be prepared outside of the school by the student or independently while in attendance at school. Students may be assigned homework to prepare for upcoming lessons, practice skills recently taught, and provide opportunities for enrichment.


Student responsibilities include the following:

  • Record assignments in their student planner,
  • Ask teacher to clarify any questions so it is clear what is expected,
  • Make time for completing homework and studying,
  • Complete and turn in assignments in a timely manner, and
  • Make up work missed when absent

For excused absences, the student shall be given a reasonable amount of time to complete make-up work (1 day for each day absent). It is each student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher regarding missed work. All makeup work should be obtained when returning to school. Make up work not completed may be marked as ‘0’. For unexcused absences, individual teachers may choose to accept, reject or offer less than full credit for make-up work.

Honor Roll

Students will be recognized for academic achievement throughout the year. The Principal’s Honor Roll is for students who make all A’s. Students who make all A’s & B’s will also be recognized on the Honor Roll.

Promotion & Retention

Decisions regarding student schedules and promotion to the next grade are made in accordance with the school district Student Progression Plan (SPP). Students will be considered for promotion to the next grade level, or retention in the current grade level, based on the following factors:

  • Academic achievement (GPA)
  • State assessment performance
  • Successful completion of courses as outlined in the school district Student Progression Plan