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All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to your teacher or the front office immediately.


Mailing and street addresses, as well as home and emergency telephone numbers, must be kept up to date. In the event of a change in address or telephone number, please  submit a new yellow card. These may be picked up in the school office.


Research shows that regular attendance at school is vital to academic success. All absences, whether excused or not, impact student academic achievement. Good attendance is defined as having less than 9 days absent (for any reason) during the entire school year. LaBelle Middle School’s own results show that 8 out of 10 LaBelle Middle School students who were chronically absent (missing 10% of school days for any reason-4 days in a marking period, 18 days in a year) failed one or more state assessments.

Any student who is absent 5 or more days (unexcused) within one calendar month, or 10 or more days (unexcused) in 90 calendar days, shall be considered truant. Under Florida law, a school principal is required to report to the district when a student accumulates fifteen (15) unexcused absences in 90 calendar days. Attendance impacts a student’s ability to get a driver’s license. In addition, students may be referred to the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) for truancy if a pattern of excessive absence or truancy is established. Any student returning to school after an absence must bring a note from his or her guardian stating the date and the reason for the absence within 2 school days. This includes checking in late or checking out early. Absences will only be considered excused if they are for a reason set forth as excusable in district policy. This includes absences from class that are a result of checking-out of school. A note from a parent does not guarantee that an absence will be excused. The school will notify the parent or guardian when a student has been absent for three unexcused days. Absences may be excused for:

  1. Illness of the student - Parents’ notes for the first 3 days of absence due to illness in a nine week period are acceptable. After the third day of absence due to illness in a nine weeks, a doctor’s note is required.
  2. death in the family
  3. emergency in the family (must have administrator approval)
  4. religious holiday of the specific faith of the student
  5. subpoena by any law enforcement agency
  6. other justifiable reasons approved by the principal or designee upon prior request of the parent. A Prearranged Absence Request Form should be filled out and submitted to the school front office at least five days prior to an absence for such a reason.
  7. To encourage attendance, LMS has an attendance recognition program:
    1. Perfect attendance: Students who are present for every period of every school day.
    2. Excellent attendance: Students who are present for 97% of full school days (every period of every school day) or better during the school year.
    3. Good attendance: Students who are present for 95% of full school days or better during the school year. (Absences for any reason count against these percentages for the purposes of this recognition program with the exception of school sponsored events such as field trips.)
Bus / Transportation Notes

f there is any change to a student’s transportation, a bus / transportation note is required. For example, if a student needs to ride a different bus, get off the bus at a different stop, walk instead of ride a bus, get picked up instead of walk or ride a bus, then the student must bring a bus / transportation note, signed by a parent or guardian, to the front office when they arrive at school in the morning. Students will be called to the office to pick up their bus note at lunchtime and must give it to the bus driver (if applicable) of the bus they are riding when they board the bus. Bus notes must have a parent phone number on them. Requests that cannot be verified with parents or are turned in late will not be approved. The office staff will contact the parent or guardian to verify each note. No child is to change buses / transportation without a bus / transportation note signed by a parent and verified. On the rare occasion that a parent realizes during the school day that a change must be made, but was unable to send a note, the parent must call before 1:30 p.m. For the safety of the student, our office staff must have sufficient time to verify the identity of the caller and contact the teacher so the student is informed in a timely manner.

Bus Conduct
Students who ride Hendry County School buses are expected to have appropriate behavior and follow all rules of the Hendry County Schools Transportation Department. All students are expected to be polite, respectful, and cooperative with all school bus drivers and assistants. Misconduct on the bus may result in loss of privilege to ride the bus and/or other corrective measures. Bus registration forms are required to be filled out and returned to each bus driver.

Cafeteria Procedures

LaBelle Middle School serves breakfast and lunch daily. Breakfast is served 30 minutes prior to the start of first period. Each student will have a 30 minute lunch with multiple menu choices. Students are expected to behave in a courteous way and use good manners in the cafeteria or alternative seating will be provided.

The following rules should be followed regarding lunch:

  • Students will walk with their teacher and line up at the cafeteria door until they are admitted into the cafeteria.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed ANYWHERE except the cafeteria or outdoor eating areas, unless in a closed lunch container. All drinks brought onto campus must be in a clear container or in an original, sealed container. Cafeteria food must be consumed in the cafeteria.
  • Students must line up single file in one of the serving lines in the order that they entered. Passing students or “butting” is not allowed.
  • Only five students at a time are allowed inside the serving area.
  • Students are expected to walk in an orderly fashion and leave furniture where they find it.
  • NO SAVING SEATS, NO SWITCHING SEATS allowed in the cafeteria.
  • Food will not be delivered to students for consumption in the cafeteria. Students not eating the food served in the cafeteria are expected to bring their food from home in a lunch container. Exceptions will only be made with prior approval of an administrator.
Check Out Procedures

In order for a student to check-out of school before the end of the regular school day, the following requirement must be met:

The parent, guardian or other authorized adult must have a driver’s license and/or other acceptable photo identification and be listed on the student’s yellow card before checking out a student.

It is highly discouraged for a student to check out early and walk home. However, if there is a need for this to happen, the following MUST occur: When the student arrives to school they must turn in a parent written note to the front office for verification. The note MUST include the student’s and parent’s full name, phone number, the reason for being dismissed early. If these steps are not followed, the student will not be released.

Checkouts due to illness:
Checkouts due to illness will be handled only through the front office. No one else is authorized to call parents or give permission for a student to checkout because of illness. (See Clinic Rules)

Checkouts are considered unexcused absences unless they meet the criteria for an excused absence. We strongly recommend that your child remain in class in order that he/she may experience their allotted academic time. No child will be released after 1:45 p.m., or 30 minutes prior to the end of the school day in the case of early dismissal days, unless it is an emergency.

In addition, LaBelle Middle School conducts safety drills monthly. This may delay the checkout process until drills are over. Your support of our efforts to ensure your child’s safety is greatly appreciated.

Clinic Procedures

All health issues are to be handled through the front office and school nurse. The clerk will log all checkouts and contact the parent. If a parent cannot be reached, the student will not be allowed to check out.

Students must have a written pass, from the teacher of the class period during which they are asking to visit the nurse, in order to go to the clinic unless there is an emergency. Students may not visit the clinic between classes unless they have a signed pass from their teacher.

  • Students may not remain in the clinic unless there is an emergency.
  • Students may not carry ANY type of medication during the day unless authorized ahead of time by a doctor and the school nurse. All medication must be dropped off to the nurse by a parent/guardian. The nurse will have the parent/guardian complete a Medication Authorization form. (including cough drops)
  • Student cell phone use to initiate a check out is prohibited. If a student is sick, they should request to see the school nurse.
Dress Code

The goal of the LMS dress code is to create a culture of academic excellence by establishing a safe atmosphere for student success. This dress code supports students in expressing their individuality through personality and academic achievements, rather than outward appearance. Students are expected to come to school well-groomed, neatly dressed and prepared for classes. Students will be able to convey a neat, serious and studious image. It is the joint responsibility of students, parents/guardians and school faculty and staff to see that the attire of students is appropriate and does not interfere with the teaching/learning process.

  1. IDs must be worn on a lanyard around the neck and kept in good condition at ALL TIMES while on campus. (Students must wear IDs without markings or stickers on them at all times while on LMS campus. Damaged or defaced Ids will be confiscated and the student will have to buy a new one. Replacement cost is $3.00 for the ID, $1.00 for a lanyard. Students who forget their ID will be given a temporary ID for a cost of $1.00. Failure to wear an ID may result in disciplinary actions.)
  2. TOPS:
    1. Garments with hoods are not allowed.
    2. All students should wear a top with a collar that is visible at all times. The top may be solid colored, striped, plaid, or checkered. NO GRAPHICS.
    3. Clothing must cover the chest and shoulder to ensure that cleavage is not exposed. (if sleeveless, straps must be at least 1.5 inches)
    4. Shirts must extend 3 inches below the waist. (No exposed skin around the waist allowed.)
    5. Jackets and sweatshirts without hoods are allowed and may be solid colored, striped, plaid, or checkered. (NO GRAPHICS except LMS school spirit items.)
    1. Pants, shorts, jeans, slacks, dresses or skirts are allowed and may be solid colored, striped, plaid, or checkered. NO GRAPHICS.
    2. Shorts, dresses and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh. (No shorter than fingertip length.)
    3. No holes or frays of any kind. (One example of clothing not allowed would be ripped jeans.)
    4. Leggings, yoga pants, athletic spandex, or pajama pants are NOT permitted.
    5. ALL must fit snug at the waist and be of an appropriate size/fit. No intentionally altered clothing, unbuttoned, skin-tight, oversize, baggy or drop styles are allowed. Any exposure of undergarments will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  4. All clothing and other items must be free of words, symbols or graphics that violate common decency, are offensive, profane, suggestive, discriminatory, or promote alcohol, tobacco, anything sex related, violence/death-oriented, drugs or gang affiliation. (Including what is written on skin, backpacks or other items). Administration determination of what is considered inappropriate is final.
  5. No sunglasses, hats, caps, hoodies, visors, stocking caps, bandanas, bonnets, hair nets or head coverings of any kind. Students who wear these items will be asked to remove them and they will be confiscated.
  6. Safe footwear shall be worn at all times. No open toe shoes, bedroom slippers or shower shoes. All shoes must have a strap or back at the heel. (Proper lace up athletic shoes must be worn during P.E.) NO CROCS allowed.
  7. Cell phones must remain powered off and in the student’s backpack while on campus. If seen, they will be confiscated and disciplinary action will result. The phone will be held in the office for parent/guardian to pick up.
  8. NO personal electronics allowed. (No air pods or other Bluetooth or wireless style headphones or earbuds, smart watches, gaming devices or similar) All electronics will be confiscated and held in the office for parent/guardian pick up.
  9. Some examples of things NOT ALLOWED include (but are not limited to):
    1. backless shirts or dresses / bare skin at the waist, abdomen, back or chest / spaghetti strap tank-top shirts /
    2. costumes / sleepwear / camisoles / bandanas / tops that completely expose the shoulder / short-shorts / exposed
    3. undergarments / clothing that is see through (no mesh, lace or cut outs)
  10. Outerwear shall not be used to cover up dress code violations.

Please Remember:

  • If there is a question about the appropriateness of an item, the decision of administration is final.
  • Any personal items, clothing or accessories (including jewelry, hair styles or color, or other items) that cause a distraction or disruption to the learning process or constitutes a safety hazard will be considered inappropriate.
  • Students who do not comply with the dress code may receive disciplinary action up to suspension from school and their  parent/guardian will be contacted to bring school appropriate clothing. Students will also have the option to use school supplied clothing.
  • Any requests for waiver of dress code must be submitted in writing and must be approved in advance by an administrator.

LMS Administration reserves the right to prohibit any type of behavior, dress, accessory or grooming that is considered disruptive/inappropriate and to make changes/exceptions to the dress code at any time, if circumstances dictate

Fire, Bus & Emergency Drills

We perform periodic emergency drills. All students and staff will follow the procedures outlined in the Initial Emergency Procedures Guide. During emergency situations or drills, students and staff are to carry out emergency procedures quickly and in an orderly manner. We also expect students to follow all directions given to them by a staff member. Other emergency drills including tornado & lock down drills will be conducted throughout the school year. A Public Address announcement (PA) will signal the end of all drills.


LaBelle Middle School has school counselors to assist students. The counselors are available to help students with academic issues and social or personal problems. The counselors assist in managing student schedules and records. The counselors can also provide referrals to other agencies or resources that a family or student may need. To visit guidance, students must have a pass from a teacher, unless it is an emergency.

Hall Passes

Students must have a pass anytime they are out of their regularly assigned class. Students must only be in a location as described by a hall pass. If students are in an area not written on the pass, they are in unauthorized areas. Students are not allowed in the front office during school without a pass from a teacher. (Unless it is an emergency.)

Homework/Make Up Work

Homework plays a significant and integral role in the learning process. “Homework” refers to those assign ents to be prepared outside of the school by the student or independently while in attendance at school. Students may be assigned homework to prepare for upcoming lessons, practice skills recently taught, and provide opportunities for enrichment.


Student responsibilities include the following:

  • Record assignments in their student planner,
  • Ask teacher to clarify any questions so it is clear what is expected,
  • Make time for completing homework and studying,
  • Complete and turn in assignments in a timely manner, and
  • Make up work missed when absent

For excused absences, the student shall be given a reasonable amount of time to complete make-up work (1 day for each day absent). It is each student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher regarding missed work. All makeup work should be obtained when returning to school. Make up work not completed may be marked as ‘0’. For unexcused absences, individual teachers may choose to accept, reject or offer less than full credit for make-up work.

Hours of Supervision

Supervision of students is provided each school day from 6:45 a.m. (when the first school bus arrives) until 2:35 p.m. Students on campus outside of these hours of supervision is a safety concern. If a student is on campus without permission, before or after school hours, he or she will be considered to be in an unauthorized area and may be referred for discipline. Parents bringing their children to school are asked to do so between the hours of 6:45 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. Parents picking their children up at the end of the school day are asked to do so no later than 2:35 p.m. or promptly at the ending time of after school activities.


Students may not remain in the school building after the regular school day has ended unless they have a school-sponsored reason to be here

Lost and Found

Any items found should be turned in to the front office. If you have lost something, report it to the front office or a staff member immediately. It is the student’s responsibility to  keep track of their personal property. Labelle Middle School is not responsible for  recovering lost or stolen items.

Media Center

The media center is open every day at 7:05 am. Three (3) library books may be checked out for two weeks, with one renewal privilege of two additional weeks if needed. The materials must be brought to the media center in order to be renewed. Lost or damaged materials need to be paid for or arrangements for payments made with the media specialist. In the interim, students may check out one (1) item at a time. Failure to return or arrange payment for lost or damaged items, and/or continued irresponsibility for borrowed materials, may result in the loss of privileges.

Office Hours

The LMS office is open to the public from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Prior to this time, staff may not be available as they are engaged in supervising and assisting students arriving on campus. Individuals requesting to meet with school administrators or counselors are suggested to call ahead and make an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate those that arrive on a walk-in basis. However, depending on school operations, individuals arriving without an appointment may experience a wait

On Campus Sales

In the interest of safety, students are not permitted to sell items on campus, buses, bus stops or school sponsored events without the prior approval of the principal or designee.

P.E. Lockers

Lockers will be assigned to students without charge for physical education at the beginning of the year. Use of this locker is for the PE period only. It is the student’s responsibility to keep his or her locker clean and orderly. If you have a problem with your locker, please report it to your PE Coach.

Each student is responsible for the contents of his or her assigned locker and/or items left unattended. Do not share your locker combination with others. Leave your locker locked at all times. Lockers are subject to random searches at any time without notice.

P.E. Uniforms

School District policies require students to dress out for physical education classes and participate to their full capability. P.E. dress criteria will be discussed with students during the first week of school. Athletic shirts ($10) and shorts ($10) are available for purchase (price subject change). Students are expected to follow all requirements of P.E. Proper athletic attire and shoes must be worn.

School District Handbook/Emergency Yellow Card

Students must return the signature page of the School District Code of Conduct, LaBelle Middle School Student Handbook parent letter, Parental Consent for Healthcare, Parental Consent for Medicaid Reimbursement and the Emergency yellow card no later than the 5th day of school. It is very important to return the emergency yellow card because only those adults listed on the card may check a student out of school. Also, it is very important to fill out a new yellow card whenever your contact information changes.

School Information

School information can be accessed anytime via the school website.. The website contains information about events and other important information regarding LMS activities. Teachers may be emailed; a list of school email addresses is available on the website. The school can also be called at 863-674-4646. Parents may call teachers and leave a message if the teacher is in class. The school fax number is 863-674-4645. The school also maintains a Facebook and Instagram page.

Tardy Policy

Tardies to school will be handled through the front office. If a student is not in class when the first tardy bell rings, he or she is late to school and must report to the office for a tardy pass. EXCESSIVE TARDIES WILL BE REFERRED TO THE DISCIPLINE OFFICE. Any student arriving late by a bus will not be considered tardy. All students are expected to be on time for school at all times. Tardies between classes will be handled by the classroom teacher through the use of appropriate, in classroom interventions.


For the safety of our students and staff, visitor procedures will be strictly enforced. All visitors will be expected to enter campus through the office. Anyone without a visitor’s pass or proper identification will be escorted to the office by staff and may be referred to law enforcement. Visitors are not to leave the front office without approval from a front office staff member. Visitors will be escorted to the location they are visiting unless otherwise directed by an administrator. LMS reserves the right to admit or deny admittance at their sole